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Alice Parris is a singer, songwriter, and poet. Alice has spent a great deal of time counseling others, with careers that range from advising in spiritual matters, to psychiatric nursing. She graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in Nursing in 1977. Alice currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Alice Parris has completed her first book entitled SOULGASM, is available now at electronic bookstores. A spoken word or audio version of the book will be available thru Nu Vision Records soon. Ms. Parris has been published in numerous anthologies in the U.K. and in magazines in Canada. Her poetry is also on websites that have various themes.

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Works on TimBookTu by Alice Parris


Adonis Immortal
Ancient Lover
A Not So Simple Matter Of Booty
A Tribute To The Greatest Survivor
Blood Speaks
Cackling Crows
Coal-Black Crow
Flash Fire
Haliwa-Saponi Manchild
Many Waters
Nubian Dreams
O Black Angel
Oxen Skulls
Racism Reinvents Herself
Some Other Crowd
Spirit Well
The Mother Of Many Nations
The Mummy
The Panther
Traditional Penal Colonies Versus The Death Penalty
Two Sides Of Your Love
Venetian Mirror

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