A Tribute To The Greatest Survivor

by Alice Parris

 Consider for a moment the numerous attempts 
 at  total genocide for black people world -wide over 
 the past four hundred years. Lynchings, beatings,
 rapes, hangings & castrations. Yet, we still be here!
 These were replaced with drugs & targeted laboratory
 diseases. These inflicted upon all black neighborhoods.
 What was in those frequent free immunization vaccines?
 What happend at Tuskegee was real: syphilis experiments.
 Wards washed away in land -grab plots  Re-building
 with a sorrow so deep that it cannot be named. We, then
 turned upon one another, acting out  in rages so deep,
 without understanding and nameless. Yet, we still be here!
 Why do white women still clutch their purses on 
 those elevators at Neiman Narcus?  Why do white 
 people still look with suspicion upon us when we have 
 been here so very long? What are they afraid of? Might 
 it be a  deep-seated fear of the proverbial
 chickens coming home to roost?  What white person
 in the suburbs does not know that their family wealth
 was gotten off of our backs? Why are they so shocked
 when the sources of their over-priveleged lifestyes are
 exposed to the light of moral truth?
 Why wasn't there a moral example from the white
 slave owner to the newly freed slaves? Why were
 newly freed slaves given the model of greed and
 lust for riches, and that by any means necessary?
 Oh yes, the clutching of purses and video cameras
 are a must to hold on to the riches earned by others.
 Why has there not been forthcoming knowledge of
 the extent ot unbridled greed?  Yet, we still be here!
 Why are young white people who steal our vocal styles 
 and moves put upon a pedestal when so many souful
 voices go unheard due to shut doors? Where is the
 justice in all of this: tanning salons, collagen lips, and
 white girls with big butts? Why imitation & repudiation?
 Why are so many rich black and famous targeted and
 maligned?  It is all about taking back the wealth, and that
 by any and all means necessary. Yet, we still be here!
 What will we do with what is left of time?
 Our people, strong enough to survive the Great
 Crossing, master's rapings and beatings, our own
 broken family units, our shredding of our own flesh.
 Will we enter an age of enlightenment, will we have
 our renaissance?  Will we continue to live on past
 accomplishments as if they happened yesterday?
 Grandmothers watch and pray as they always have.
 This IS the ultImate reason why yet, we still be here.

A Tribute To The Greatest Survivor by Alice Parris

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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