Racism Reinvents Herself

by Alice Parris

Racism no longer spends her time Washing the blood-soaked spots From her maudlin dress. She no longer wears her Puritan Bonnet of pride out in public. She has had to reinvent herself In order to survive in this Politically correct world; Where with one touch of the Remote control, all eyes are watching. Now, when in public, she is an Advertisement for the latest dental Bleaching breakthroughs; her smile Reveals perfectly even white teeth. One would never suspect the cannibalistic Orgy that takes place at her supper table. There, she feasts upon the flesh of men, Remarking on their relative inferiority based Upon the taste that their DNA provides to Her seasoned tastebuds and palate. Racism has changed her vocal patterns And speech. She no longer speaks the Language that reveals the continued Narrowness of her focus. She no longer Prattles on about her “God-given” right To destroy the lives of others in order To fill her never satisfied coffers. Because… all ears are listening. When the doors are closed, and she is Alone, she lets down her tangled hair, Damp from midnight meetings with Marsh monsters. We never get to see Her skeleton body; skinless and soulless. Alone, she sits in all of her splendor, As the ruling skeleton of death. She tells her grandchildren to continue In her legacy of pride and arrogance. Her grandchildren have learned her Tactics well; they can spew out racial Slurs as well as their grandma, and will Do so, at the slightest hint that they May not be superior, after all. Every now and again, her zealous followers Will be seen presiding over the Beatings (and even a decapitation) of the random Victims of her long-lingering ire. Yet, she still attends church. She attends one of Those churches that are less concerned with The conditions of a man’s soul, but are More concerned with the weight of the offering Plate as it is passed around. Her purse is full of The money from the exploitation of others. In order to maintain the appearance of her Latest reinvented self, she will measure from Her treasury some funds back to the less Fortunate, of their own money. Money Stolen from the systematic exploitation and Rape of others based on the propagation of lies. She remains prideful and powerful. She controls Boardrooms and financial institutions without Having to put in the usual public appearances. She throws her head back and lets go of a Full-bellied laugh when words like “quotas” and “Restitution” are bandied about. She has no Intention of ever giving up her lavish lifestyle. Yes, she has made for herself an opulent lifestyle, From the bones of dead men. She never apologizes For the hideousness of her old appearance. She successfully redirects all watching eyes To her newer look. Deluded, and intoxicated With the power from ill-gotten gain, She believes that the whole world Who watches is deceived… still.

Racism Reinvents Herself by Alice Parris

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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