Idalia Willis

From a very young child, Idalia Willis has always been interest in the written word and its power to transform thoughts and ideas.

Born in the ghettos of Los Angeles, she says "I've learned the meaning of the struggles and survival of my black race, especailly turning the Civil Rights Era. Although I was only a child at the time, I was very much in touch with the horrific and wonderful events that transpired. I truly have a first story to tell and I love relating those stories in poetry form."

Ms. Willis says "I consider myself to be a gifted cultural and prolific writer, and it has been comfirm through my many literary awards, one being the SECOND PLACE WINNER of TimBookTu's poetry contest of in the year 2000 where I recieve a well appreciated award of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, for my poem, God Be The Color of The Rainbow! I am also featured as one of 75 Authors in TimBookTu's first Black Poetry Anthology Book."

She states that, "As a member of the Famous Poet's Society, I consider myself to be a humble student of many of the great black writers and poets of our time. My mentors are the great Mya Angelo, and Langston Hughes. My dream is to one day become a best selling author of many informative books and stand in the great archives with the greatest black writers of all times."

You can contact Ms. Willis via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Idalia Willis


Bologny and White Bread
Chocolate As I Wanna Be
Ghetto Dreamin
If These Old Hands Could Talk
Who Will Comb My Nappy Hair
With African Pride

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