With African Pride

by Idalia Willis

I put a hump in my back, my hands on my knees;
I throw my kinky head all around and I dance as I please!

I move my body to an African jive;
when I dance like this I feel so alive!

There's a natural rhythm deep down in my soul,
It's proud and it's strong, inherently bold.

What is this thing that just makes me move?
I'm at my best when I boogie with an Afro grove.

Shuffling around the floor in my bare feet,
movin my body to a black man's beat.

I shake my behind from side to side,
movin my body with African pride.

I jump up and down with my tongue hangin out,
I wave my arms all around and I chant and I shout!

Beat the drums louder, I'm feeling the heat!
Movin my body to a jungle beat.

I close my eyes then I slide from side to side,
I'm movin my body with African pride!

With African Pride by Idalia Willis

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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