Ghetto Dreamin

by Idalia Willis

Iím sleepin now, but it ainít night
A nightmare keeps comin obstructing my sight
A daydream that just wonít go away
Iím ghetto dreamin of a better day
In my daydream I try to catch a glimpse of hope
Looking out my window I see brothas selling dope
Peepin out  on my concrete jungle  hope is hard to see
A nightmare of this ghetto keeps hauntin me
Iím ghetto dreamin that thereís another life for me
Iím lookin down at the streets checkin out  all the  grap going on
Wondering whose fault it is that the ghetto is my home
I keep wishin for a more scenic view of somewhere else I can go
But I never been nowhere else and the ghetto is all I know
Yesterday, no dream, this grap is for real
I saw this little four year old girl get killed
Baby girl got capped while sittin on her stoop
She wasnít even the one they intended to shoot
On my way to school I donít know if Iíll live or die
Iím just hopin I donít get popped in the next drive-by
Keepin it on the down-low, I packs a gat in my book bag
But, Iím no gangbanger and thatís what make me sad
I am just a victim of the ghetto life, tryin to survive
Prayin everyday that God keeps me alive
Cute little honey walking by with a baby she named him Kareem
Whatís not so cute is that the gurl ainít even sixteen
In the ghetto life ainít so kind
Oh snapÖnow the gurl trying to claim that the baby is mine
Nightmares of this ghetto keep on hauntin me
Iím ghetto dreaming that thereís a better life for me
But as I gaze out my window hope is hard to see

Ghetto Dreamin by Idalia Willis

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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