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The poet KindredSpirit, aka sneak_n_freak, and DYW was born Dawn Ya'Nett Woody on March 20, 1976. She relates "Back in June of 2000, I began my journey, a journey of self-discovery and healing. I'd failed in numerous relationships prior too. The impact of these failures all left marks on my spirit, yet the valuable lessons that trial and error bring I could not see at the time. I was left feeling emptied and hollowed even more with each failed attempt. I feel into a deep depression, which only lead me to write down those feelings I couldn't seem to verbalize. This is why (in my opinion) my poetry is so precious and intimate because I'm speaking on and about those things that we deal with internally. My wish is for those who read my work to come out with a better understanding of what a person experiences when their only utilizing half of what they possess."

She continues "Besides my love for poetry, I have a deep appreciation for The Arts. I love classical Jazz especially Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. I consider myself to be a very cultured person, in my attempts to be more of a well-rounded, worldly kind of person. I volunteer with The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NJ, where I am the proud Mentor/Big Sister of a wonderful and highly intelligent 4th grader. My time is usually spent doing as much as I can for others, wheter that be donating clothing to shelters, mentoring some young child, or providing a meal to someone who's homeless. That is the only way I know how to give back, by simply getting my hands dirty, and it makes me feel that much more complete as a person."

Ms. Woody states "I'd appreciate any and every comment, suggesstion or question from whomever wishes to contact me about my poetry or my life. So, please reach out to me if you must."

You can contact Ms. Woody via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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Sunday Afternoon
The Love We Created
You Are My Friend
You Feel Me Up

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