Cat & Mouse

by DYW

I feel this 'nigga'
...long slinky cat
With muscularly designed calves
Sweet lips, rough hands
Which spoke ever so softly, 
Upon my flesh sending a tingle 
through my mind... 
Damn this man is fine!
Patiently seeking me out, like his prey 
Strategically using the power he possess
Aware of the hunt, still I play, 
...cause women like me live this game, daily
Wanting him that much, 
To gamble with my chances of being lovesick.
Will he ever catch me? 
That remains to be seen,
As I search for the truth
riddled in smiles, giggles,
and ulterior motives.
I need to know...
If he can be the one who is not afraid to be committed to me
If he can be the one who is not afraid to share his life with me
and not feel insecure with being vulnerable to me.
Can I...handle what I want?
Can I...handle the truth?
Can I... handle loving a black man?

Questions, thoughts, insecurities, hidden agendas, 
and lies all incorporated in the game of love, 
what's known as the game of cat and mouse.

Cat & Mouse by DYW

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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