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Jacqueline L. Wade is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois (BA 04). She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She took up Television as a career after majoring in Theatre and Dance. She states, "I love the art of writing because words can tell a story with the ability to inspire the minds of its readers and to give form to things we can sense, but not see. I am a woman of God with a mission to help those in need and those who are lost. Academically, I am interested in writing; specifically short stories, poetry, plays, television drama and film. I'd like my career to revolve around writing, which I fondly call 'the art of my passion,' that will bring joy, happiness, healing, deliverance, peace, salvation and love that will induce change personally and globally. To me, words are like a workable formula to deliver the right message and fill the room with expression of the things that might've, could've, or would've happened, giving destiny and form to the undeniable physical events and phenomena. It is my vision for all people to appreciate the art of writing.

You can contact Ms. Wade via e-mail at wadej723@yahoo.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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