Hypocrisy: The Hypocrite

by Gospel Poet

Because I don't know God the father
I'm just an actor on the stage
I adapt myself often in dramatic ways 
I play many roles and I wear many masks
I give the people what they want
My inner core, is repressed and replaced by the demands of others
I'm a pretender in desperate search of human approval
And that great big applause
I discern my dignity and worth
 But from what others think of me
Truth has no place, it's gone
Swept away by deep devotion 
To self – protection
Self –preservation
Self – exaltation
The truth is not functional
In effect, God is a stranger
My relationships is vague and abstract
 He is the one, who created me, 
Sustains me 
Provides for and loves me


Hypocrisy: The Hypocrite by Gospel Poet

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