Review of "KenKay Hair I Am"

KenKay Hair I Am by Kandra Ferguson

KenKay Hair I Am
by Kandra Ferguson

KenKay Hair I Am is a wonderful children's picture book by Kandra Ferguson that is written especially for young girls. It features a little girl of color, KenKay, who is unhappy with her natural hair that isn't like the flowing hair of the other children in her class. Through the help of a substitute teacher that looks like her, the support of her loving single father and a hairstylist that gives her a new natural hairstyle, KenKay discovers her true beauty through the acceptance of her natural hair.

The author lovingly instills self-pride, cultural awareness and loving relationships in this book that should be shared with young girls and young boys as well. The book is beautifully illustrated by with colorful images that reinforce the storyline. Parents should obtain a copy of KenKay Hair I Am and use it as a teaching tool to empower young girls. It has a message for adult women of color who are struggling with their concepts of self-mage and self-esteem especially as it relates to their hair. This book is much needed to counter the negative stereotypes of ethnic hair and teach the new standards of beauty.

© Copyright 2014. Review by Memphis Vaughan.

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