Jkan is the pen name of Everton Roye. Jkan comes from the root word Jamaican.

Born in London, England in 1962 of Caribbean parents, heís had the chance to experience life as an African descendant, European citizen, and inbred Caribbean. Jkan has traveled worldwide, meeting an absorbing diversity from many countries. His poetry offers different perspectives of global awareness, but yet heís found similarities within the mindsets of African descendants.

Although born in the UK, his early life was spent in Jamaica. Jkan was sent to the island at the age of four and a half to live with his auntie, uncle, two cousins, and his older brother. During this 14-year span he lived in Kingston, St. Catherine, and St. Mary. Observing and soaking in the rich culture of the Caribbean has given Jkan appreciation of his roots.

Some of his poetry is written in the dialect of Patois, a native mix of Pidgin English and a smooth slang that can be compared with American Ebonics or Jive. This rare form of written poetry separates Jkanís writings as unique and interesting, especially on an international platform.

His mentors are Mutabaruka, a famous dub poet from Jamaica, Bob Marley, the international Reggae artist and lyrical genius, and Mikey Smith another dub poet who was stoned to death for being too political.

Jkan has been writing poetry since 1983, and after twenty years of perfecting his style, heís learned to explain complicated theories into simple phrases that anyone can relate to. Some of his poetry can be labeled as risky and political; this doesnít falter his dedication to remaining true to the essence of life and history. Highlighting all the human emotions of love, hate, fear, and security, he has a poem for everyone and every situation.

As a performer, Jkan has enlightened and entertained crowds in London and the United States. Jkanís poetry has been published in several publications, such as Rolling Out Magazine, TimBookTu, and University of North London Newsletter as well as several others.

You can contact Jkan via e-mail at raasclaatman@hotmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Jkan


A Blackmanís Nightmare
Black Woman
Black Woman
Celebrate It
Chip On Your Shoulder
I Stand Alone
Jungle Living
Man a African
The Scene
Trouble State of Mind

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