by Jkan

I am sitting here thinking of me and you
Us two entwined in feelings of oblivious blues
Like sky color blue, that reminds you of
Heavenly blue,
I think as I write about me and you
Today I think about me and you
I wait for tomorrow, for me and you
I think of roses, I think of you
I think of diamonds, I think of you
I think of you then wonder
My mind walks take a gander
With you I would like to be familiar
Always on my mind you I would require
To burn with me a fire
Passionately we would ascend to a level higher
Together as one we perspire
As we heed the urge of our desire
I think of the time we converse
Reflecting on your words
I have an urge to
Kiss those lips and run the tip
Of my tongue all the way down pass your hips
Not missing a bit
As I kiss and suck and lick
Cherry lick your sweetest bit
Romance you with my harden tip
Surging deep into your volcanic pit
Yearning and searching, reaching and screaming
Honey juice from hips receding then penetrating
As lips entwine, hungry and needy
Yet again repeating
That which desire is needing
As we love and be loved completely
Our eyes acknowledge
All that we have been feeling
I think of you
Can you feel me?

Abyss by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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