by Jkan

I was sitting in my van
Driving along the m25
Having just left merry hill studio
I phoned my office
Just to clarify
Some minor detail
Mickey was my boy in the warehouse
Ev? Have you heard the news?
What news?
A plane flew into the world trade center
I've just seen it on the telly
His voice bordered on excitement
I was incredulous with dis-belief
I hung up my cell phone
And switched from the music I was
Listening to
I tuned into 97.3
I sat listening in disbelief
9-11 was the news on the streets
While 9-11 represented a date
None can ever forget what
Transpire on that fateful day
As terrorist unleash
An attack that will be remembered
Never to fade from history
Nor the minds
I listen to the news hypnotize
Unable to comprehend why
Such an attack came from the sky
As I sat and drive
I could not visualize
Even though the attempt of the news reader
Try to focus unseeing eyes
My cell rang wild
Jangling my silent mind
As I drive
My bredren was on the line
Drawing me a picture
Of the occurrence over the New York skies
The attack on the pentagon side
The plane that fell out of the Pittsburgh sky
It's like this was a time
When my mind was frozen
Yet wild thoughts flew
As the real story unfolds
I knew actually, I know
That this world holds views untold
But how low can a one go
To settle a difference of opinion
In such an unethical mode
I remember going to my girlfriend home
Sitting and watching
As the news of the day's event unfold
My thoughts?
Honestly I don't know
I watched various version of the news
Sky news
BBC news
ITV news
Every station I turned
The news was blue
Its like the world was confuse
Lets tell the truth
This news
Was more than anyone
Could consume
It wasn't about headline news
You couldn't claim a
This was evil from the root
Each and every one of you
This was new
And crude
A victory you salute
Evil brute
Look at the numerous lives ruined
Many force to choose
Jumping from burning flames
Or fall to a harrowing doom
Either way
Death pursued
For true
How can you win?
When so much life
You have torn apart
And split
All because
You hate what is not
Apart of your system
I watch the news
And I flinch
I watch the news
And my heart sink
Every disturbing
Sinking in
Not anymore
Just confusing
Had the world wondering

9-11 by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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