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Subconscious is the pen name of Daryl Horton formerly known as The Abolitionist. Subconscious has participated in numerious poetry contests, been published in anthologies of the National Poetry Society, and is a featured writer on the E-Zine, Undergroundvoices at

He states "I write on several topics but usually focus my material on the themes of spirituality, love, history, and philosophy. Subconscious is a name that describes my intent as a writer; to take my readers to deeper levels of consciousness." He is the author of Deployed: A State of Human Conflict: Pawns Laboring in the Clash of Wills and The Four Phases of Love: From Developing Love to Growing Old. You can visit his author's website at:

You can contact Mr. Horton to comment on his work by sending an e-mail to or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Subconscious

Book Trailer

The Four Phases of Love


Circle of Lust


Achilles Heel
A Cup of Ecstasy
A Deeper Blue
An Educated Guess with Tracy Mckever
Big City of Dreams
Black and Blue
Black and Sweet
Blind Justice
Critical Situation
Daily Confinements In Life Have Me Wondering
Forever My Lady
Gangster Love
Heaven Sent
Hopeless Endangerment
I'm Ahead of My Time
In My Searching
Look At Me
Nap of Neck
Oppressed Love
Prisoners of Love
Public Display
Sign of Revolution
So You Want The Truth?
The Beauty of Creation
The Pipe
Will You Die For Me?
Wishful Dreaming


A Western Misrepresentation of The Jews

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