Terrell Toyon Banks resides in Arlington, Texas where he's an active member of Star Lodge 413 Masonic Lodge. He says "I chose the alias 'Emotional' because I feel that's what my poems are but more importantly what 'I am'...it's who I am...anyone who reads my work or hears me at any poetry spots leave with that impression of me being emotional and that suits me fine...I hope to one day publish a book of poetry or write songs for a record company...if I can ever get discovered! Hope any and every one enjoys the work of Emotional and God bless!!" He also has poems under the alias "Destiny" which he dedicated to his daughter.. but Emotional is who he is. He also writes under the pen name, The Unknown Poet.

You can contact Mr. Banks via e-mail at banksdawg2@yahoo.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Emotional/Destiny/The Unknown Poet


A Gigolo's Testament
All or Nothing
End of Story
Forever In Your Debt
Forget Me Never
Guilty Beauty
Happily Ever After
I Won't Complain
Keep Striving
Lonely Is My Only Friend
My Father Didn't Care
My Heart Should Know
My Wife
Pain Is My Bride
Reason To Love
Simile Love
Simply Why
So Emotional
Something Nice To Read
Statistic Child
Still In Love With You
Thanks For What You've Given Me
That Fool Is Me
The Birth Of Words
The Incredibly Lonely
The Most Beautiful Girl
The Mother Of My Child
We Are Omega
We're Having A Baby
What I've Become
Words Are Not Enough

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