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Here it comes, there it is, what you want, what you need, and so "hear" it is; "sea" the flow pushing from your eyes to your ears to erode the fear to say what you think and feel; that's what makes a poet for real.

Days pass like trees blowing in the wind. Footsteps survive while others erode, get old, or are covered up. That's where the Footstepper steps in to lay down renewed forms, and place the revived in concrete. The Word Engineer Zamounde Allie the Footstepper has been in the "game" for over ten years. Many have crossed his paths and shared the stage with this poet, so as they say the proofs in the pudding. Give him the mic any time, any where, and he will have something to say.

He has been on many poetic adventures to include: a founding member and staff writer for Dialogue magazine ('92-'94) in Charleston South Carolina, and published As the World Burns ('95). Aided in the initial foundation of the Sankofa Poets, co-produced the Sankofa radio poetry show for over 2 years ('97-'99) and has assisted the monthly Tongue Lashing open mic contest, and The Writeous publication/CD series in Little Rock, Arkansas ('99). If you want to know for real you will find what he has done so far, some where out there on someone's bookshelf, Internet site, open mic session recording, booklets in the gutters and streets, or a CD rack. He packs much of what he does in a backpack so his journey is continuous. It's all about the positive vibration, not the earth shaking. What has he learned on his trek? He learned that "Fast Money Got", that "Poppa Cracked", and that he has been "Released". If you put it on paper it's no longer vapor, that people still hate you for brainwashed reasons, but love still is in season. If you look in to the eyes of the audience you have confidence in what you're doing (saying). You can be whatever you want; it's just so hard to be you in a crowd of pleasers, teasers, biters and reciters, haters and debaters, the lost and misguided, the stuck on Shakespeare and afraid to move. Stand tall BP. Have conviction, allow yourself to grow, don't become a pattern of wallpaper; simply repeating what was already done and said without your own personal input and thought (filtration). We are not cattle so don't be so easily sold (fed), or led astray. Days pass like trees blowing in the wind, but who will pick up the leaves(debris)to keep the truth exposed? Brothers and sisters we are the key to open doors against unafirmitive actions.

Love to all I have been in contact with, worked with, helped, and those who've helped me. My aspirations are to reach the peak, jump off with a parachute of words, and drift in the jet stream of the mind of those willing to look up and catch the "Paper Vapors". Ha-haaaaaaaaaaa yeah! Visit Po-Fiction for more poetry and fiction.

TimBookTu is the place overall. Brother Memphis is on point for real with this electronic nation, and watering hole of nourishing creation (building). Move things with the mind first, put it into physical action, and let your spirit glow. Light it up! You don't have to be a star to shine.


Email him at for further information. Zamounde the Footstepper, a Timbooktu New Nation Poet.

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