What If I Was Famous Next Year?

by Oneal Walters and Raj-Beer

What if my age was about to change
So that it reflects 24 years within the year 2002.
What if my readership for Frozen Stare grew
And it is recognised as being 'well described'
And 'a nicely depicted collection of poetry.'
My dreams would broaden cautiously
As the availability of Frozen Stare expands.
My patience would persist like a shining light bulb
And my foundation would swallow depths and details.
My phone may ring tirelessly, discovering a new position.
I may become warmed by the heat of Frozen Stare's success
While marrying a lifestyle, that is different from mine.
Do I believe that this is a simple journey to travel? Oh no!
I do have a younger appearance than what you're used too.
My sleeves do drip with sweat due to the hard work involved
And my goals are stained with permanent endurance and patience.
If I was famous next year, I would quietly watch then verbalise
The new scenes that my eyes have seen. I would capture
And paint my experiences sharing them for you to see.

If I was famous next year
Maybe I would have headphones that work on both ears
If I was famous next year
I wouldn't be asking my friends for change
My clothes wouldn't be torn
I would have cable on my TV
All channels
Not just a couple
If I was famous next year
Maybe the pain would stop
And I would know the answer to the question
" Do dreams come true? "
If I was famous next year
My friends and I wouldn't be sharing sprite bottles
I wouldn't be picking quarters off the floor
If I was famous next year
My bike would probably have brakes that work
If I was famous
I wouldn't be riding a bike
I would be living the high life
Living first class
I was famous

Message: Hard work rewarded and praised. Patience is
important. Foundation widens as success grows. Success
means a new lifestyle. My success is shared with you.

What If I Was Famous Next Year? by Oneal Walters and Raj-Beer

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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