by Oneal Walters and Raj-Beer

Automatically considered a fool
Since I donít get Aís in school
Had enough of my books
Rather live like a crook
Canít help the way I feel
Just keeping it real
Working nine to five
Seems more dead than alive
Still I keep going to class
Always making sure I pass
Couldnít tell you why
Just donít want to see my mom cry
I feel as though I should just stop trying
Telling you otherwise is just lying
This is just the way I feel
About school, somebody tell me the big deal?

Regarded as valuable,
A constructive tool, useful.
Used in blinding conditions.
Watch the alignment of this story,
School bored me until the 12th grade,
Dreams of going to university grew.
I didnít get Aís in class either,
Bís and Cís had followed both of us.
Much too different, to be a crook
Take a look, my potential is greater.
And no. Not stationed from nine to five.
Iím built like an engine ready to drive.
An independent thinker, worker,
Making my mom proud of me, of us
Of her contribution in my life.

Education by Oneal Walters and Raj-Beer

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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