Poetic Circle

by Zamounde Allie & Nakia Shy

I rememba' when we first hit a line or two on Timbooktu 

Now some years later our paths crossed unexpectantly 

At a Subway but not underground we spoke 

On my dry sandwich I almost choked in a glass house where metal birds flow 

You stated that I looked different but pictures never lie 

Truth of the matter is that it caught me in a moment of time 

Like our words smoothly graced this historical place 

Rooms with electronic keys unlocked by common hands 

Seen by only thousands of eyes from around the world 

That two could really meet after their words already laced metrical feet 

To travel we were enlisted to do but to run into each other was fate 

Poetically the Footstepper was overwhelmed by your steps 

Now it is up to you to kick some new words too 

That this moment would be more than a line or two 

Dropped after the mist has cleared from your poetic mace

With hearts pounding and sweaty hands

Did we press our means of _expression

Discovered the past and present

How ironic life really is

To bring the past to the present and back again

Realizing the potential

Of a lost soul

Fighting the demon of self actualization

Motivation caught that mid-night train

One way

In hopes of staying lost but

Doomed to find its betrooved again

Inspiration to put pen to paper

Express and become pregnant

With thought and give birth

All at the meeting place where metal birds fly

Poetic Circle by Zamounde Allie & Nakia Shy

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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