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Nakia O. Mothershed is a 25-year old member of the Air Force. Nakia states "Through all of my journeys may it be travel or life experience I have learned that love of self and your people will get you through any situation. I still believe that it takes a whole tribe to raise a child. We as adults not just black people should take an interest in our youth. If we let them run wild and go astray what kind of world will we live in 50 years from now. Stay positive and grounded in yourself the rest will come easy. Don't be so quick to judge someone by just looking at the outer person. You never know the one that looks like a bum may very well be the next Malcolm X or Martin Luther King."

You can contact Ms. Mothershed to comment on her work by sending an e-mail to or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Nakia O. Mothershed

Jelly or Jam with Zamounde Allie
Poetic Circle with Zamounde Allie
To Be with Zamounde Allie
Voyage to Atlantis

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