Malcolm Ali

Malcolm Ali is Malcolm Ali Palmore of Athens, Georgia. The thirty year-old native of Washington, D.C. attended Dunbar Senior High School. He says "I was named after Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. In the early 60's my father had the opportunity to meet both men at an airport while they traveled together. He asked them to sign an autograph on a folded linen napkin. He kept the napkin as a personal treasure. My mother told me that a few weeks before I was born in '69, she found the napkin in my father's things and unfolded it. When she unfolded it, the autographs became transposed and the napkin read Malcolm Ali and Muhammad X. Hence my first and middle name."

Upon graduation from George Washington University, he was appointed as a Naval Officer by the President in 1996. He left naval service in March in order to pursue a law degree. He will begin law school in the Fall of 2000. He recently began writing poetry and short stories and is currently working on a book of poetry. His hobbies are boxing, weightlifting and reading. He welcomes any suggestions or comments readers may have.

You can contact Mr. Ali via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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