Can I Taste You?(The Answer)

by B.T. Bonner and LaVerne Curtis

Buttery brown sista
You are my virgin nectar
Sweet and moist
Can I taste you?
Satisfying you
The passion
Of your wet kisses
And drown
In the funk of
Yur flavour
Lose my mind
In a thigh embrace
So tight
It suffocates the air
Between Us
While my head
Dances in tune
To the melody
Of your gyrating pulse
I am seduced by
Your smooVe texture
I rub your breasts
In circular motions
And stroke you up
To fits of convulsion
And Hallelujah screams
Then down to
Breathless exhaustion
And from there....sweet dreams
But rest comes later
For now I am
Your willing victim
SlaVe to your
Every want
Held hostage by
Your needs
And servant to
Your every desire
Burned by your fire
I am
With no escape
Except inside of you
Where I am again safe

Buttery brown sista
You are my virgin nectar
Sweet and moist
Can I taste you
In small portions
Lick you molasses slow
And saVor
Every drop
Can I fantasize
For a moment
And do all of the
Things mama said
I shouldn't
And everything else
The next man wouldn't
Can I smack your ass
And rub you down
With your own
Moistened sweat beads
And drink the waterfall
From the arch in your back?
Can I become addicted
To your jizm
And relapse

Can I taste you...again?


Yes you can taste me But will you be able to handle the juices Flowing from me like the Nile River The sweetness of my nectar Like Mango in Jamaica Growing free in the summertime Will you regurgitate my Essence Or savor it for later This buttery brown sista is contemplating the rhythm Only we can create The melody our bodies will make If I allow you to taste me Will you appreciate the wetness of my body Drop by drop Can you appreciate every inch of me Give praise and honor to my sensuality Caress me While slowly penetrating my spot And as I feel you coming down I will meet you at that place That only true love can be found Yes you can taste me If only for one night Leaving me breathless Begging for more As the sun rises I find your thrusts deeply rooted in my mind Playing over and over again Like a staccato I can be a slave to your jizm Soft and gentle Finding you lost in my African rainforest Locking you in the warmth of my thighs Getting you high Yes you can taste me Your tongue dancing on my body Sending me to heaven and back As I yell out for more Making sure you get each portion As it drips from your lips My hips moving to your command Over and over again Yes you can taste me As you flow from being intoxicated To sober But bring a big spoon ‘Cause my cup runneth over

Can I Taste You? (The Answer) by B.T. Bonner and LaVerne Curtis

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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