Love or Lust

by LaVerne Prade, Tracy Mckever and Jamal Sharif

(By Tracy McKever)
Is it love or lust when he betrays your trust?
Caressing your pecan tan while he's planting nuts
Cognizant that he's using you, yet you can't get enough
He'll treasure and love you forever as long as you're on your back
Rubbing your ass down and giving it smacks
But don't overreact this is lust and he's emotionally detached
Returning your calls is not his first priority
So eliminate the anxiety and transpose it as triviality
A man falling in love because of sex is not a commonality
Strategically this problem should be mutually resolved
Sisters if he can't give you time, then take nothing at all
We will remain to be down for our brothers and love our brothers
But we can't keep getting caught up
Sisters it is time that we learn the difference between what is love and
What is lust

(By LaVerne C. Prade)
You would think after all these years, the lessons I would learn
Would be enough for me to discern
The lies from the truth

The real from the fake
But it seems over and over again I continue to take
Unnecessary stress
I'm tired of this mess
Don't brothers get tired too
I guess 'everybody plays the fool'
Once in a while
But I see the fear in your smile
Afraid to love again, afraid to get hurt
Wondering if this is "the one" or just another jerk
To play these games can be very taxing
You put your goals on hold, and become lax
And you just can't eat or even sleep
All you are thinking about is the love you can't seem to keep
To love and be loved, is a definite must, but
Sisters it is time that we learn the difference between
what is love and
What is lust

(By Jamal Sharif)
The desire to capture another's heart
Is often fated from the start
lives get torn apart
'Cause we haven't learned the art
of knowing ourselves
being ourselves
healing ourselves
loving ourselves
Lust is like a game/ rules get changed
and rearranged
Lust leaves us home cryin'
with babies he's denyin'
'cause to ourselves, we was lyin'
and now we sighin' and askin' why
it takes mistakes and heartaches
to realize
our essence lies
not between thighs
but in our heart and minds
So, with honest self-evaluation
prayer and determination
We can change our situation
So make a choice, we must:
Sistas, it's up to us-
Daughters of love
or victims of lust?

Love or Lust by LaVerne Prade & Tracy Mckever & Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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