In The Image Of A...

by Trina Williams-Emigh and LaVerne Prade

Image is significant
Too sexy
Too straight laced
Too hoochie mama
Too thug girl based

'Backing that thang up'
Butt cheeks hanging out
Legs spread eagle
"Hear kitty kitty," some men shout

Chicken head
You've allowed Brotha's labels of you
To manifest and grow

Lining up to dance in their videos
Sista's please!
Get off your knees
And put a stop to this degrading disease

Is your dignity worth that little
Your self esteem that low
With the pride of a 'BLACK QUEEN'
Stand up
Turn around
And walk out the do'
No longer accepting
These images and labels no mo'

Is that all you're worth
After giving birth
To Kings and Queens
Potential Unseen
Trying to get that cream
Dollar, dollar, bill
How much does it take 
To fill
That empty space in your Soul
To make you whole
You don' been told
Not once, but twice
How masa crept 
In the night
And took it from your mama's mama
While she screamed with fright

Where is your innocence
Chile' you best repent
Stop worshiping them pimps

Ain't talking 'bout the ones on the corners
Or in them Shaft fables
But the ones at the head of them record labels

Your sex is for sale
Your body on the auctioning block
Your mind so focused
On the “papers” being clocked

Sista' take a look in the mirror
It can't get no clearer
To lose yourself
Would be a sin

…..Recreate YOU, and start within

In The Image Of A... by Trina Williams-Emigh and LaVerne Prade

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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