Giving it Up!

by LaVerne Prade & Tracy Mckever

He stretched me far and wide
As He made his way inside
My body conformed to His fit
After a life-time of trying to handle it
Our spirits merged, as we became whole
My body broke as He pierced my soul
As I laid still I felt no pain
I knew there was a difference, I felt the change
My fragile frame would never be the same
I laid their motionless as He called out my name
My body began to tremble as He exerted his final thrust
Paralyzed with pleasure, finally I had enough
It felt so good and it felt so right
I will never forget that momentous night
When I gave it up...and offered Jesus my life

Over and over again trying to do it myself
Thinking I had the answer, but it was never enough
Feelings of emptiness
Haunted me day and night
I thought God was wrong, and the world was right
It wasn't until he whispered in my ear
"Come here my child, have no more fear"
He told me of the Kingdom, and the work left to be done
I knew I was a sinner, so I never thought I was the ONE
He told me His love for me had no boundaries
That the devil was a liar, trying to steal the victory
Now I know deep in my heart that we will never depart
From the commitment we've made
I'm so glad I'm saved
My eyes are open to His mercy and grace
And the joy I feel can never be replaced

Giving it Up! by LaVerne Prade & Tracy Mckever

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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