Can You Answer This?

by LaVerne Prade and Brett Bonner

(The Sister's Question)
By LaVerne C. Prade

Okay my brother, I have stood by you through thick and thin
Always had your back, from beginning to end
What do I need to do to get your attention?
To prove my love to you, or do I need to mention	
The anguish, mistrust and all of the tension
We could have it all, if I could just get you to listen
Of how I dream of us together conquering the world
You my main man, and me your girl
I thought for years, you were putting me to the test
But so much time has passed, I may have to put this idea to rest
Which would be a shame to miss out on this chance
Before you walk away, please give this situation another glance
If I continue to go on, I would be remiss, without asking the question
My Brother
……Can You Answer This?

(The Brother's Response)
By Brett Bonner

Okay my Sister, let the truth be told
I cherished you more than Silver or Gold
I worked twelve hours in the pouring rain
Playing the white man's game, and yet you still complain
Refusing to see the stress that came with the territory
And the shattered dreams that tell my story
Why is it that you can't praise my worth?
Give me the strength to renew my self-worth
With your love and respect many mountains I'd climb
To ensure your security and piece of mind
So why all the drama drenched in doubt?
Just give to your man from the inside baby, and it'll spread throughout
'Cause if you truly love me, isn't a second chance worth the risk?
My Sister
.....Can you answer this?

Can You Answer This? by LaVerne Prade and Brett Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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