L.D. Stewart

LaWanne D. Stewart, (also writes as Janala), is an African-American woman testing her poetry on the internet medium and others for the first time. An avid reader, she loves to journal, write short stories, poetry and play tennis. L.D. Stewart is single, 31 and is pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Philosophy. She plans to attend Seminary in 1999 and further her studies. She doesn't have any children of her own - but she's raising an infant baby girl. She works full-time in Washington, DC and would like very much one day to share her writings in a published book with her community and the world.

You can contact Ms. Stewart to comment on her work by sending an e-mail to lds@nei.org or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by L.D. Stewart

40 - Serving Love
A Taste Of It with Zamounde
Handbook for a Revolutionary
I Found Myself
Love's Laundry
Moving On...
Ocean Deep
One Page with Zamounde
What If...
White Man Blue
Woke Up

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