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Minz(pronounced;mines) is the pen name of Iris Mack. She is currently living in Richmond, Virginia, although New York City is where she was "Bred" (race;stock;type)

Minz is a compilation of first initials, representing initials of her name as well as her children's names, and it also is a statement of ownership (mines). Ms Mack has been writing since the 2nd grade when her first piece was published in a school newsletter. She has a children's book, a short novel and a film she would like to see on the big screen. She says "Living in New York for almost 35 years has educated me more than if I had traveled the globe for the same amount of time. I thank God and the NYC public school system for giving me the thirst and the Love for the written word. There are stories of survival and heart, associated with Black people in America and I am dying to tell them."

"We know that this life is only a training session for heaven and relationships are the only thing that remains here long after we are gone. The poem and stories I weave are heartfelt and personal. I want my readers to recall a time when they felt the same way I do, through this common ground we are family."

You can contact Ms. Mack via e-mail at Greatminz@hotmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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Hot*Hot*Hot*Hot Food
Love Lasting
My Sister-My Brother
My Prize
Something Sexy
To Daddy
What I Could Do

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