Bring me over in a boat
Whip me when I buck up to you

Make me change my name
Take me away from my family
Devils have no shame

Take my wife for one night
Return her home like everythings alright

Put me in a box to be looked at like meat
Picked..Pulled..and Checked
I guess devils need to eat

Sold to the devil with the most money
Licked me up like a bear licks up honey

Still right now I canít get on the water
always take a bridge when I got to go border to border

Even today slavery is alive and well
No need to lie...cause the truth is harder to tell

Daddy! Daddy! where have you been?
Baby..I got sold down the river for 2 chickens and a hen

Daddy! Daddy!..when you comming back?
I canít baby girl..Imma always be black!


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