ESN is Echanda Nard who was born in Waukegan Ill. which is right outside of Chicago, Illinois. Echanda states "I started writing poems and short stories when I was twelve years old, at a time I didn't know quit how to express myself. More so when my family and I moved to Kenosha WI. which is one of the most racist places I've ever been, where my oldest brother went to jail because of a lie his ex girlfriend told who was white. So I basically started writing down what I felt about that situation and more. Years later my family and I moved to Owensboro, Ky. Where I started to feel a sort of freedom to be who I am. Well That's part of my life in a nut shell and what made me fall in love with writing, so out of the bad bought something great I guess you can say."

You can contact Echanda via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by ESN


Lyrical Obsession
Silent Attack
Stolen Souls
Tears From A Dying Continent

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