Lyrical Obsession

by ESN

Strong and stoic,
like the ancient Sphinx of Egypt, so profound 
my love is cryptic, like reading the mysterious 
writings of the hieroglyphics. 

My name is Nubia, Queen of the ancient worlds
of Africa.

I am the Lyrical Obsession, 
of the world when I walk with the simplest
sway of my hips, I cause the Universe to slip,
making earth; forget its rotation.

I am timeless, like God's wisdom, priceless,
like a family heirloom, like the sun, I beckon 
trampled down flowers to bloom.

I reached into the heavens and repositioned
the moon, and stars so the Earth can open up to 
tell me, her deepest secrets.

Like a pupil I sit poised at her feet,
awaiting her knowledge to rain down on me.

How strange, it is for you, to forget my name,
is Nile, where my channel runs deep, 
my blood flows bringing life from miles.

Just to taste my sweet, virgin nectar.

I am the Lyrical Obsession, when I speak,
I have my own symphony, when I laugh, (ha,ha)
I am free,

like a thousand once captured souls at the bottom
of the Atlantic Sea.

My name is america, 
when i cry from the horrors that i've seen, 
black bodies swingin from Mississippi trees.

I have seen, more than i care to see, more than
i care to share, murder, torture, brutality 
an unbelievable nightmare.

My soul cries, out like a baby in the lonely
still night.

My ears ring, like the liberty bell no peace,
no justice, nothing to show but a crack in humanity,
i saw Katrina the voice of injustice the mirror of reality.

I have been raped, beaten, lynched, branded, put to shame,
you have forgotten me in the same; 
i cry these tears for old and new, 
i cry these tears for you.

I am the Lyrical Obsession, 
but know i suffer, deep depression.

I was mighty like the Pyramids,
now life is somethin, i dread.

Until my Father and Brother came to me;
pulling up a spiritual chair to my mental table,
they told me something that i was not able, to comprehend.

Because of previous conditions,
all i could see was ebony faces, being used
as though it was tradition.

By what seems like all races, standing on our shoulders
i am surprised we're not all in back braces.

The I realized who we were and are,
like an amnesia patient it was all coming back
but I was left with a scare.

Of remembrance, being stuck in a trance,
for what seemed like an eternity, however,
it all came back to me.


I will regain my rightful spot amongst the Kings
and Queens, because I am and will always be,

                  The Lyrical Obsession.

Lyrical Obsession by ESN

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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