Tears From a Dying Continent

by ESN

 Mother Africa's crying,
     while her children are dying.

   Her earth trembling labor pains causing the continental drift,
as she moans night and day shifts.

    The pale glow of the moon in the morning
while the sun peaks at night, the stars lacking life.

     Like, dead eyes ,
                  with a sigh, giving birth,  
                              to a world who would soon forget her worth.             

       Here we are Africa's stolen children of the west, 

in the New World  sleeping through her distress. 
          Through this Nightmare, without any cares, not knowing that       

Africa's sorrow, is our missing piece of  Tomorrow.

                         The BELLS ARE RINGING!!!!
           Gabriel's blowin his horn,
                            but still, 

  Thinkin Land of the FREE,
                            home of the brave, 
               like my Sista Souljah said "We are STILL SLAVES."

  Through all the tribulations and trails, we live in denial.

            This is insane!!
       Screams of children deafen,
         like screechin tires of New York Streets,
           leaving your heart skipping beats.

 Can you hear me?  Can you see?  can you feel me, do you see?

    Babies abandoned, Mothers' dying, Fathers dead,
        H.I.V, AIDS, wide spread, like darkness falls,
              and all, the world can think of is sucking the nutrients from
       Mother Africa's breast, Africa's best.

        Gold, Gemstones, Diamonds and Pearls, 
                               all because they say diamonds are a girls,
                                                 best friend.

   But no one seems to care, that Africa's children are being mutilated.

                To get the riches from her Bosom,

                                         America you are the Original 

   You act as though you're innocent, free of any crime,
                            you are destined to serve your time.

 Your hands are stained, 
   with Africa and her children's blood 
                  like a Vampire you've drained, her life away.

 Leaving bloodied prints,
     on every door you knock on, will be shut in your face,
                       because of your disgrace 
                                       then, will, you, Repent?

 America forced to live the life of the African race,
              then and only then will you realize,
                                             that's why Mother Africa Cries.


Tears From a Dying Continent by ESN

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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