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Stacey Yvonne Barlow has written a poem for the volunteers of The American Cancer Society of Pittsburgh, Texas. She has also received two Editorís Choice Awards for the poems "I Canít Love You If You Canít Love Me," and "My Name Is." She has been published in two anthologies, Walk Through Paradise and The Best Poets of 1997. In addition, she has recorded her CD of poetry, produced poetry calendars, written several other poems, and has been heard reciting poetry on Baltimore Marylandís WPCG 95.5.

Stacey is the co-partner of the website Pleasure _X1 with well renowned HBO poet DJuna Blackmon. She also writes for an Ezine website The author is writing a fiction novel and building a business in poetry.

You can contact Ms. Barlow via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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