Peace, Be Still

by Zhakea

        Just One More Stepping Stone, Lord

An obstacle is really not an obstacle.

It just looks like an obstacle, because you *think* it is one.  

But if you really study it for a few minutes, do some intense gazing, 

you will see that what you thought was an obstacle was an opportunity.

It was an opportunity for you to go a little farther,

to reach a little farther.

When you started reaching a little farther,

you learned how to use what you thought was an obstacle to help you.  

For example, instead of sitting down discouraged on the obstacle,

or allowing the obstacle to hinder the scope of your sight, 

you learned how to manuever around those situations

or those things that could slow you down.

Instead of trying to remove the obstacle,

you learned how to use it as a stepping stone.  

You said, okay, how about I change how I view this obstacle?  

I can waste time trying to change the obstacle,

or I can use the obstacle for my good.

That's all the Bible means when it says


It is impossible for it not to.  It has to work according to the Purpose. 

All things work together for the good for those who love God

and are called according to his purpose.  

Sure, sometimes you may find some sharecroppers who are willing to help the son.  

For example, David's friend Saul, realized, I realize that the Lord is with you now.  

I know this.  I will help you, you are my friend.

Johnathon did not have the same relationship that David did.  

See, he was born to the wrong parents.

Was on the wrong side of the fence, so to speak.  

So Johnathon said, I know you are to be king.  I will help you.

Look here, when I go out and shoot arrows.  

If I say to my arrow gatherer, this thing right here. You know you can stay.  

But if I say look the arrow has gone way over yonder, it has gone beyond you.

You'd better run for your life.

So you see, every now and then, you may find someone

willing to help you on your journey.  

Everybody will not help you.

You may find that those who are in your family will not help you.  

The one you thought was your friend will not help you.

But when you cry out to God, he will send someone to help you.  

For in these days, there is a change of covenant.  So he says okay.

You're like God will you please send me someone to help me? 

And help me to realize that this is the person you've sent?

Because sometimes you might be looking for someone to look a certain way 

and you will tend to brush them off,

but they might not look the way you think they should.  

So you have to ask God will you please send me someone,

help me to realize that this is someone you have sent.

I am reminded of the time when Jesus and the disciples were on the boat.  

And the disciples grew afraid because the boat was rocking and Jesus was asleep.  

So they went to Jesus and woke him up because they were fearful.

And Jesus woke up and said, Peace be still.  

See, on the natural side, Jesus spoke to the winds.

That's all that the natural mind could see.  

Okay, he spoke and it became reality.  The winds stood still.

But, Jesus not only spoke to the natural winds, 

he spoke to the winds in their mind.  Their minds were terrified,

because they had perceived it to be something 

that could overtake them.  Their perception was distorted.

So Jesus said, Peace be still.  

He was telling their minds to be still.

Telling their perception and their thoughts to be still. 

Had to tell it to stop.  So of course,

he spoke to the winds and the waves and stuff.  That was natural.  

But when he spoke in the natural, it evoked a response in the spiritual.

They had to see it in the natural.  

He spoke for their sakes. 

Peace, Be Still by Zhakea

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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