Be 'Lie' ved

(A Compilation)

by Willie L. Green, RIP, GhettoPoet, & Erica MacMillian

(Willie L. Green)
I once believed in a lie
Sometimes I
Think back on why
She said I should believe
Never knowing that one day
She would leave
Never knowing I was deceived
So now I'm faced with my
Analytical thoughts
For the answers I so rightly sought
And a destiny
My efforts
Should have bought
Here I am to express
With a sordid unhappiness
How I believed
(be leaved)[past tense]
I must accept
That now I be left
What once I kept
Close to me
What was once
All my hopes you see
Turned against me
What I held
And I say with a sigh
Was the equivalent of
Evil to Devil
I believed a lie

You be-lieved your trust
Could not be de-ceived
Per-ceiving your feelings
Would not be placed in a realm
Where healing is needed
Your thoughts only feed her ambitions
While you're now wishing too see
The confusion of perception and reality
That pulled you from that tranqil sea
In which you drowned your emotions
Emitting an invicible notion to others
The truth in your heart has now been discovered
Heartbreak initiated
Your natural essence has been infiltrated
The strength of a man comes in time of direst
Stress breeds fire
Pain creates wisdom
Your mind has been molded by sorrow
But your spirit has unfolded into the sky
Showing the lie you be-lieved
Was conceived by fate
Placed in your hand
To show you the meaning of being a man

(Crystal M. Goodrich)
At the center of a phenomenon
And the very core of my be(lie)f
Was a tiny white spark called a (lie)
Hiding the facts like a theif

I only saw what you wanted me to see
The truth became what you wanted it to (be)
For I (be)lieved in you and me
Still, you and I (u-n-i) must share responsibility
In taking our (uni)ty seriouly
Because it cannot ever exist or (be)
While you continue to lie to me

Wearing sunglasses with the tint of deception
Shields my eyes from your disgu(ise)
And may end up being a costly lesson
Because only at the (I see)

Remember, (know)ledge is the key
To unlocking what is true
Getting to the center of the tr(u)th
By getting to know yo(u)

(Erica MacMillian)
I once believed in a lie
But the tragedy is I saw the truth in his eyes
Through my tears and fears
Through the pain I endured for years
I pretended that the emptiness I saw didn't exist
Pretended that the fist in my face was actually a kiss
And his curses, sweet whispers
His insults, best wishes
Because the man that I loved left me vacant inside
Left me battered in dark corners alone to cry
And yet I insisted that what we had was love
Sealed with his anger and bonded by my blood
Because deep down in my heart I couldn't face reality
That what I saw lying in wait behind those brown orbs
was proof of his insanity
So instead I wasted away contemplating the worth of my existence
To his anger and lies
To his promises that were laid aside to die
I once believed in a lie
The one I told myself
The one about Prince Charming riding in on his white steed to save me
The one where he comes and carries me off to safety
The one that always ends with happily ever after...
But after what?
Because doesn't that imply that there was misery before?

Be 'Lie' ved by Willie L. Green, RIP, GhettoPoet, & Erica MacMillian

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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