Corey Whitsett

Corey Randolph Whitsett is a 31-year-old author and musician born and raised in Chicago IL. Most of his time growing up was spent in father's church. He gives all the credit to God for each and every talent that he is blessed with. Whether writing short stories, poetry, or songs for his jazz band, Corey is constantly creating something.

Although he was been writing for most of his life he has never sought to publish any of his works. That changed when someone who had read one of his short stories said that it really helped and touched them told him. Then diving heavy into reading himself, he saw the power of words and how they could change lives.

So juggling his life at home along with working full-time as a computer consultant, and playing drums in his band, Mahogany, he tries to write as much as he can. "I have so many passions in life, my family, my music, my career but writing is the only thing that I can't control. God has chosen me to be a writer so I must be obedient when he has a story for me to tell." He says that being a musician and a writer has never caused much conflict, actually they have compliment each other. "Sometimes I hear music and it makes me want to write, other times I am reading something and I hear music."

Corey has completed one novel Quiet Before the Storm and is working hard on his second novel entitled Epic. He has recorded one album with Mahogany and is looking forward to going back into the studio in the future.

You can contact Mr. Whitsett via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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One Bullet
Reggae Rain and the Ceiling Fan


I Killed A Man

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