I Killed A Man

by Corey Whitsett

I stand accused of murder and
Yes, I am guilty
Itís true that an innocent man died
By my hands, by my sins, and by my shame
He died the death I deserved
For I am the guilty one
I killed a man

This sweet man said nothing
As they placed a crown of my transgressions
upon his head like sharp thorns
And clothed him in the sheets
ripped from my bed of fornication
Crowned in my sin and shame, they called him King
And spat my lusts upon his face
Innocent, he was, yet, he said nothing
As they placed my greed heavy on his back
The weight of my sins
was the cross he was forced to bear
Yet I did nothing
As they stretched him wide on that tree
It was my wicked lies that took his right hand
and nailed it to that cross
And driven into his left hand
was my adultery and my pride
His feet were bound by my idolatry,
held there by my blasphemies
It was my broken promises
that pierced him in his side
Causing innocent blood to be shed
I watched
As he hung there and died

Now here I stand accused
And yes, I am guilty
With this manís blood on my hands
I am a murderer
But I asked him to forgive me
and what did I owe him
He said look at your hands
This blood already paid your death
I shed this blood for you

So here I stand accused
But not guilty
For I am free by the blood that stains me
So now I try to live like him
Hoping to one day see his face
So I can thank him
And say I am sorry

I Killed A Man by Corey Whitsett

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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