Her Name Is Scripture

by Unique Verses

A black poet.

She speaks with the confidence that everything she says is scripture.

And grabs the ear of every Mom & dad, aunt & uncle, brother & sister.

The stage is her home, and she owns the crowd.

Normally soft spoken but on the mic she's loud.

Her poetry was the start,

Her voice and words, her spark,

To light the mic in the dark,

And speak from her heart.

She closes her eyes, verses & chapters spew out as she speaks.

Disciples congregate and listen attentively in their seats.

Spiritually lifted,

And poetically gifted,

She inhales with every breath in her lungs,

Closes her eyes tighter, exhales, and starts speaking in tongues.

Her people love her, they deemed her a poetic prophet.

Cause what she says is food for thought, and they feed off the knowledge when she drops it.

She said, "If God be for me, then who can be against me?"

"I'm here to testify and this is why, he has sent me."

"Some of you need salvation, and others a simple prayer"

"I'm not the almighty, just an advocate, or a message relayer"

She came to bless the mic, bless the people and speak the truth.

She laid hands, saved souls and said "Satan be thou loosed"

She told of a man who died for sins that we were given at birth,

And of a Testament he called our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

She said, he is the Almighty, her Savior and Creator.

She called this man the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Alpha & Omega.

Everybody listened and nobody was bothered,

Until she said we all should know him, or get to know him cause this man was our father.

She said he lives in our hearts but heaven is where he reigns,

Every verse she spoke, she ended with "In Jesus Name"

A phenomenal woman, educated on what she talked about,

Her religion was Christian,

Poetically persistent,

And she was very devout.

Walked on a different path, so tired of living secular.

Said the devil was a liar and she couldn't let him get the best of her.

She lived her entire life by Phillippians 4:13

Said every morning she'd recite, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"

She spoke of politics, the resurrection, Babylon & Armageddon.

Translating scripture through spoken word, equipped with the Bible as her weapon.

Satisfied the word was in 'em

Her words are venom

She was sent to shake snakes from poet-trees

Opened her eyes, dropped the mic, and said Amen as she leaves.

Her Name Is Scripture by Unique Verses

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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