If I Were A Rose

by Unique Verses

If I were a rose, Id be the American Beauty

Id love the way you soothe me

Hold me, take me, mold me, muse me

Id love romantic interludes in the dark

Im your rose, your mother nature, youre my king, my patriarch

If I were a rose, Id be every hue

Many would desire me, but the chosen would be few

Id be a single rose to symbolize my love for you

And to make sure I could be held the way I want to

Id set aside my wild days and clip my thorns for you

If I were a rose I would do nothing other than

Allow my petals to be placed on a pedestal

Be the main attraction on your nightstand

And allow my stem to be caressed by the hands

Of no one other than the right man

If I were a rose, Id let you watch me

As every morning I rose

Admire me, worship me, nurture me

And stare in awe as my tall slender stem shapely grows

If I were a rose, Id be a rose

My poetry would be prose

And make you make sense of my incense

While my feminine scent made you wonder

Where all your inhibitions went

If I were a rose, I would be yours

And tulips would be curious of how

My two lips could be so soft and pure

Lilies would be silly with jealousy ten fold

Theyd try to get on my good side by offering

Buttercups of marigold

Carnations would bow

To the incarnation of our love and vow

That theyve never witnessed a love like ours until now

The dandelions would be lying

If they told you they loved you more than me

My scent would break barriers from Hades to Zion

Were in your garden Id be honored to spend eternity

If I were a rose, Id be your and yours only.

If I Were A Rose by Unique Verses

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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