by Unique Verses

He went against all Morality,

To corrupt my reality,

I fight to mentally block the brutality,

And hold on to my original personality,

He hid his homosexuality,

In actuality, I could do without his hospitality,


But wait….

Was this my Fate?

To have this man penetrate

On holidays, family functions and even a milestone birth date

He’s gay, I’m straight

If it were in my power to compensate

His manhood I would castrate,

For all the years he tried to play roommate then vacate

My intelligence he would underestimate

Because my pain I could not communicate

But no more will I tolerate

Looking back I pontificate and evaluate

How systematically it was me instead of him his actions would humiliate

Mentally I was gone, I’d hit the gas and accelerate


And when penetration wasn’t his Fixation,

Masturbation was always up for nomination

In almost every situation

I’d be the object of his infatuation

And for your information

This wasn’t caused by poor family structure or lack of communication

No…imagine my frustration

When I came to the realization

That he was being fed by previous victims sheer cooperation

Victims whose voices were silent out of intimidation

I found out through confrontation

That his secret was kept because his character would fall under defamation

Who the hell gave them the authorization?

To protect his reputation

And make me feel like a disgrace to the entire civilization

I got 5 years of therapy, and he got probation

Livid is an underestimation of my emotional disorientation


The courts sent a detective,

Whose objective it was to be subjective

And offer his perspective

But time revealed he wasn’t very effective


Because 10 years down the line he was finally incarcerated

But only after one night he got highly intoxicated

And a 9-year-old boys body was found lifeless and mutilated

On the side of an old building he had renovated

Then them same detectives found him and the boy’s corpse directly related

He tried to cover his tracks but his efforts were not that sophisticated

But not because he was uneducated

Just that this little boy, was a little bit more of a fighter than he had anticipated

But still the boy had been dominated

In his room investigators found movies that were x-rated

And pictures that were laminated

And the names of others in which he associated

I tell this story not because I’m frustrated

Or because my and his DNA are affiliated

But because to my community I feel obligated

DYFS by Unique Verses

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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