All I Ask Is This...

by Unique Verses

(Read this very slowly)

While you may not believe this,
you can’t deny what would be felt if we kissed.
Were you actually trying to put up a front and resist?
Reading your eyes it’s so obvious,
this is dangerous, but I believe I have to persist

I kept warning you that my feelings would turn bottomless,
just didn’t think I’d fall this fast, that much I confess…I
whispered my worries to you, and you told me not to stress.
I never thought I could be so blessed.
Love, it seems has made a home for you in my heart I guess.
You may have started out as my friend, and that you were the very best.
In your arms I find comfort, and peace, it’s like a special power you possess.
Your smile, your eyes, I’m almost powerless…oh and your voice in my
ear makes me immediately want to undress.

And I understand that we were not meant to be together,
Although I would like us to see forever.
I’m not going to hold in how I feel…however,
not having you as my own is killing me…but whatever.
Near the end of time and the day after never,
you will tell me you love me…I’ll wait until whenever.
I got it that bad, I should have known better.
Know this…you’ll always have me as a friend, good or bad weather.
You, and how I feel about you has made me a better person altogether.
Hear and feel what I’m saying, they’re not just words and letters

All I’ve wanted to do for the longest time is to kiss you.
I want you as my own, you know that…it’s hard for me to dismiss you.
Ask me for anything, there’s nothing I won’t do.
Is any of this getting through?
This feeling I have is permanent…it’s like a tattoo.

READ MY LIPS, this feeling is hard to undue.
This didn’t feel real at first, but now I know it’s definitely true.
Slowly, I tried to overcome my desire but it’s long overdue.
Once I realized what was actually happening, all I could say was I love you.
More and more I know we shouldn’t cross that line…but I want to

And when it’s finally all said and done, we can move on,
then all of my worries will be so far gone.
Give me that chance, and our lips can dance from dusk till dawn.
Me?…I’ll be ok cause I’m emotionally strong.
A simple glance from you is like a song.
Kiss me, completely…you might as well come on

Right, wrong or indifferent…one day our lips will intertwine
Now go back and read the first word of each line

All I Ask Is This... by Unique Verses

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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