The Last Nigger

by Trinity

The name has been given, branded in our skin,
began with our ancestors, will die with our kin,
it's how they expect us to act, without any common sense,
to be "black monkeys" and "niggers" founded in the past tense.
We're ruining our generations, killing our own kind,
using self-blame, self-hate, and diseases of our mind;
our ignorance is what they see, stupidity is what they know,
this is how we appear, this is how we don't grow.
Our ancestors had hopes; they fought for their dreams,
put everything on the line, sacrificed their lives, it seems;
they've given knowledge to us to go far and inspire,
to be more than what they were, was their only desire.
Our generation today has no dreams or hopes to strive for,
our ancestors' trials and sacrifices are thrown, both hands, out the door;
why must life's wisdom be wasted on selfish brutes,
who, if given the chance, wouldn't know what to do?
It's sad in a way and tragic in the end,
that our enemies are within us and not always in our friends;
it's been set up, this trap; some took it, some fell,
now the truth shall be told through life's lessons we tell.
Stupid we are but wise we will need to be,
to overcome our pride and with both eyes truth we shall see,
but in life, I guess, my people will stay the same,
we are the last niggers, a title true to our name.

The Last Nigger by Trinity

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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