My Craft

by TAP [teape]

i was born on a military compound
in the crossfire empire
under the cloak of invisibility
fenced by barbwire
no great wall or picket lines
new roman times
similar to the old
cold days where bold
actions and mentalities were frowned upon
drowned dawn
with blood shed during nights hours
showers of electric nature
power ivory towers

marbled monuments made men marvel at maginficence
they admired the state
i was born as an enemy
reflection of hate

this scowl on my face
must have been engraved
have a whole month to learn
how ive been enslaved
who said i lost my mind
most are commericially owned
with one in the chamber
either side is dethroned
this art aint hard to master
a bishop once wrote
disaster i quote in mid float
wash hope like soap
the bar wastes away
as day drifts toward night
turn lights down low so
focus is rite

ask not what it can do for you
what can you do for it
watch what ya chasin and
youll find ya self up in sum shit
spell it on purpose
upper crust believes its worthless
trapped by surface
so they no understand my service 
they want me
to make and sell their pe eye e
but not me see ide rather
de eye e
for another cause
so this rebel uses pause plus rewind
once was taught language
now its mine

My Craft by TAP [teape]

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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