Same Cast Different Script

by Gregory L.Towns

I have a National apology to make. In a general statement I made recently after relocating to the nation’s capital and spending some Dull, boring, dreary evenings and weekends alone. I in anger and disgust said that all Women here in Washington D.C. only want weak, dependent and going nowhere MEN. Well I now want to change that to only some Women.

It is spring and I for one have learned a valuable lesson. The weather here even cooperates with a man's passion for women and, again I must admit some of the most beautiful, intelligent ... mmmmmmmmMMM! Good women in this country! Oh hell in the world reside right here in D.C. As I commute in by subway train every morning I am subjected to some of the most exquisite handy work of God. And fellows, God knows what He’s doing and He does good work. Hot D.C. weather and sun dresses, shorts, sandals, bare legs and shoulders; all theses are as much of a turn-on as black panties under white linen pants (did I let that one slip ... and speaking of slips it’s spring and women lose them too!).

Today I played a little personal game: Being a healthy, heterosexual male with a foot fetish, I had a silent contest to see who had the prettiest, sensual and most kissable (if you like) toes. Well this was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in years. It was so hard to choose that I just satisfied myself with the observation. Let me explain? My father said often that you can tell if a woman is well taken care of by the way she cares for herself. Take a look at her hair and nails, especially her feet, and it also shows how she takes care of her man. Well if that’s the case, Washington, D.C. is heaven and I’ve made it in. Today was my day of beautiful feet, a rainbow of polished toenails with designs of all description cute sandals, sundresses that were clinging and snuggled up to all forms and shape. Women of all shapes and sizes walking in the rhythm of spring in the humid D.C. air sweat dripping from ...well I know it’s “hot” in here now I think I just turned myself on.

Men, I think what we’ve done is alienated women by our crass, ill- mannered approach. Remarks about body parts i.e., “Must be jelly cause jam don’t shake like that”, “Baby can I get a shake with them fries” or (and even I’ve used this one -- sorry ladies) “Them are the best two suckers I’ve ever seen”. Wrong …#@!! Guys, I want you to know that this kind of behavior is unwanted and inappropriate.

Even I in my old life I am guilty of holding an entire conversation with a woman’s bra but I’m in therapy and I’m doing fine now. Look up fellows there is more above that Victoria secret lace bra (did it just get warm in here?) she has a mind and most know how to use it. Women want to be talked to, not ogled at or groped with your eyes and, if men don’t get the response they think they’re entitled to, they dismiss women with a vile and disgusting attitude. Look, I got a little secret and even Victoria knows this one. There are ways to have that eye fantasy and be respectful too. Can it be I’ve come of age and I’m growing more mature or is t here something more sinister going on? It is not a secret that women like to be noticed but it is a true turn off for men to stare at a particular body part or two and stare, drool, stammer, stutter, and just plain forget what they wanted to say.

Men, it finally happened for me. While on a shopping trip with a female friend. Yes guys, I went shopping for shoes with a woman, it didn’t take a year and believe it or not, I had a great time! I got so good at recognizing Women’s fashions that other women wanted and asked my opinion. I was very popular that night and I got a little ogling in during the process. As I said, can this have a more sinister tone? While we strolled and shopped I became more confident next I was asked by a strange woman my opinion on a hat she was trying on I proceed to give a flamboyant assessment of the chapeau’ well Need I say several other women overheard and I got a Fan following. I set enthroned like a sultan with his harem as they all paraded new dress outfits, shorts, Capri’s and these short, short skirts, hats and shoes one even ask if I’d follow her to” Frederick’s of Hollywood” the old man in me said yes but the New sensitive (to her needs) Gregory said no. Picture this men several women allowed me to sit and watch as they made difficult decisions about what they wear they walked, paraded and pranced swaying to imaginary music as I sit and watch. All that was missing was a scotch and an ottoman is this heaven or what? I ask myself. Now I’m not one to give away male secrets but this is one of those no brainier I think women haven’t figured out yet. If a man gets into shopping she’ll never have to go shopping alone again.

Most men are very visual and, during my shopping safari I had an ample opportunity to star gaze at a lot of beautiful women and not feel the cutting stare of my female friend. When you’re out shopping men and you pass by the cosmetic counter where a beauty is trying something new ask if you can make a suggestion. Believe it or not fellows women want to know what looks good to a man. A man’s opinion when solicited is very important to a woman. I take pride in destroying the popular myth that there are no good men left. We as I’ve said before are everywhere but we’ve been treated like those other vulgar, crass, philistines for so long that, some women believe and have made men believe that all men are alike “DOGGS”. Well I am standing up for all the “Brothas” that are in this relationship thing for the long haul. We want to be recognized and thought of as “THE GOOD ONES”. So we are taking time out to learn about this NEW woman, what she wants and how to provide these and other needs, and still maintain our Manhood!

As an admitted insufferable romantic I still believe it’s the small things that matter most like opening doors, knowing her favorite perfume and recognizing it, knowing her favorite song, drink and generally setting a mood conducive to romance, assisting her in and out of an automobile, and if she smokes light it for her. Assume the lead when making a date and be creative in your approach to the date and the relationship. Show her your sensitive side, don’t be afraid to share your feelings (Yes men it is permitted to “FEEL” in the new millennium) and it’s not sissy to show them a little sensitivity. A tear or so never hurt either.

Let’s level the playing field there are so many beautiful, intelligent, eligible women out there. If we show ourselves as positive, upwardly motivated and willing to share all with women. Women will snatch us up like a Kenneth Cole@ purse on sale at Macy’s.

Same Cast Different Script by Gregory L.Towns

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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