It's Just A Woman's Power (revised)

Fear Alert

by Gregory L. Towns

This learning process called life never ceases to amaze me.  A few days ago a couple of women friends and I had lunch, while talking (of course) about the phenomena of relationships and how women see men and how women are attracted to them. I stumbled on to what might be the most significant discovery of the century. Like a classified CIA secret (I was told that normally after being told this protected information theyíd have to kill me) but they felt safe in imparting this closely guarded womanism.

The proof that women not only hear things they also see things differently became all to clear to me. I got a lesson in "the power" of female observation. My friend Tina who I'll describe as a stunningly attractive, stylish, intelligent 30ish career woman who collects men like a queen bee collects worker bees. 

Tina is also known in her circle of friends as the self proclaimed "Coach" not the  "The Playa."

Tina tried to explain this so-called "Power" that women possess. Being a man and a bit cynical, as usual I half listened, so she then proceeded to show me how it all works.  Into the restaurant came a handsome young man and his parents at least I thought they were. He was tall, well groomed, nicely dressed attentive and (Iím secure in my manhood) the guy was very attractive. My friends took a quick look and continued to eat as the trio was seated next to us. My friend Tina with this so-called "secret power" from a distance began to read this young mans pedigree.

Without another look she told us he's obviously a law enforcement officer, 34 years old, 6'0" even, 165 lbs, unmarried, no children, and most likely would not date a woman with kids, an only child, he works out three (no with another quick glance) four times a week. I sarcastically asked how she could tell all this just by a glance?

She said women have this six sense. I laughed cynically. Again we continued with our meal. As a professional at observation of people and a writer who has for 30 odd years took great pains to make it my business to scientifically study people and situations, I was cynical yet very curious. I waited for an opportune moment and when I couldn't stand it any longer I politely excused myself from the table.

"Pardon me, Sir. I don't mean to disturb your meal but I can't help notice the unusual charm on your necklace?"

He answered "oh yes it's my badge in miniature." Astounded just a little I turned to my friend and gave her credit for a small observation that was an easy one (her eyesight was very good I didn't catch that one).

"May I ask an other question?" I added.  "Are you about 34 years old?" "I'm 33" he retorted sharply. Returning to my table so this man didnít think I was trying to pick him up (this Washington D.C. the San Francisco of the east) Well, by now I am more than a little amazed and impressed.  I looked at my friend and said quietly "You are good!"  I took a closer look and noticed then that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring although he did wear other tasteful jewelry.  There was no shadow/ tan line where once sat a wedding ring.

I became more curious and a bit too embarrassed to ask this man any other questions still afraid heíd question my "life style" so I turned to ask my friend, "ok Tina three out of five is a little amazing, now how can you tell from so short an observation that he doesn't have children and is an only child? She said as she coyly buffed her nails on her blouse "it's Saturday and a man of his caliber if he were married and had kids would bring them to a restaurant of this type to be with his parents.  And look at the way his mother is particularly attentive and hangs on every word he says and everything he does."  His father who now was holding a conversation between mouths full of food was also beaming with pride.

"Damn she is Good!" I thought and said as much out loud. At this point I made a comment to the trio about the female "power" of observation, which brought a response "I hope you didn't bet her anything?" from the older man in the group. As we left I looked at her with admiration and a renewed respect.

This issue of "The Power" of course has stuck in my head. Men, are we so vain to think that women only know about us what we tell them? Now the scary part "what if they ALL have this Power?"  It's like being naked in a room full of strange women! I donít know about you but I come up a little short in some areas. Women know about our prowess at sex and what we can or cannot do or how much money we make and other things we hold sacred or the size and length of certain things?  Men what if all women since Eve have always known the truth? You know when we say we're going out for a beer "with the boys" or that lipstick on your collar "it's just where I hugged my Mom or ran into Mrs. So and So at the gas station?"  Or  (this used to be my favorite) "I had a flat tire or I helped a group of old ladies on their way home from church, that's why I'm late getting home."  Now I even question the "Good Book" maybe Eve knew Adam wanted to bite that apple or did Eve use "the power"?

  Guys, Tina made a believer out of me. Now Iím Scared, I feel so uncovered!  Is nothing sacred anymore? Now I think I know why the divorce courts are so full and why television Judges are so busy - we can't hide from them any more.  The word is out!  The "Power" is real. Men we now have to start coming clean using truth and honesty if we hope to keep our women and our sanity.  This knowledge has me a little paranoid when I meet a womanÖ now is she looking at me from the inside out?  That can't be a pretty sight because I got issues. Not being as handsome as most and now I know I'm certainly not as smart as a woman, I have to be more honest and forthright to attract the opposite sex. This thing also has me doubting the most wise man I know my father he would say with a woman never wear run down shoes theyíll know your broke, take care of your teeth a busted grille is a sure sign a man ainít about nothing and take care when dating like dancing you lead and she wonít know just how much money you have. Well I get the feeling they already know. I think this "power" is innate women are born with it and use it as infants. Iím a father I think the "power" has been used on me and I had no idea.

Men I firmly believe that it has never been a manís idea to get married, you see Men are visual, blinded by beauty, we look, we like, we Hooked. Then they use "the power" case closed. Think about it guyís when first you meet, you date for while when you think itís fun, itís good, allís right with the world, just as you think itís safe the next thing you know your looking at "popular weddings" instead of popular mechanics, shopping for silver patterns, picking out linens, and shopping for a ring GOT YA! Believe me men I want to be married Iíve said time and time again Iím in love with being in love" but I want it to be my idea if Iím capable of this thought? Another fear I have losing my mind or "THEM" taking it? I mean what if "the power" has already taken its effect? Lately I find myself watching other peoples relationships. Not finding things wrong but thinking how fortunate other guys are, how happy they seem to be. Am I jealous of what they seem to have? I even found myself looking at some of those "wedding planning" magazines and T.V. shows the other day instead of "sports illustrated" caught myself looking at gowns by David and tux by Ralph Lauren instead of Mike Tysonís up coming fight. Whatís happening to me? Iím possessed or is it just "the power" that has me in its grip?

The part that frightens me most is what if they use "The Power" for Evil instead of Good? I shudder to think the consequences.  Now I know why, when I pass the street corners and parks there are so many lonely and rejected looking men sitting in a daze drinking cheap wine. Are these the perpetrators of deceit and dishonesty have they seen "the Power" first hand? Have these rejects of society been subjected to the punishment "THE POWER" has on men? I don't know any way to guard or protect us against this Power lest we submit to just plain honesty and trust. Hopefully they will know that we are still works in progress and need their help and understanding I also hope they will have mercy on men who neglect to learn their "POWER".

What if women since the dawn of time have had this "Power?" Hmm.  Maybe that's why scientists think the female of the species walked upright first. 

MEN beware "The Power" because from what we know in the past the Force is with women.

It's Just A Woman's Power (revised) by Gregory L. Towns

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