Got to Find Me an Angel

by Gregory L. Towns

The words to that Aretha Franklin song, "GOT TO FIND ME AN ANGEL TO WASH AWAY MY TEARS", still ring in my ears. I hear too often from Christian singles that "I'm waiting for the Lord to send me a mate". My question to these singles is, would you know that special person without a "sign from God"? Could you have missed that person looking for a heavenly miracle? Could he/she be the one that's thoughtful, caring; the one that remembers your birthday your favorite song, color or, food. The one that listens to your needs and your heart?

Is he/she the person that talks to you and not around or over you? The one that's consistently there when you need to talk about that mate who's done you wrong? Remember the last time you went out after choir rehearsal or Bible study you talked for hours and laughed had a great meal and enjoyed every minute? He or she you see on your way to work and always has a smile and a cheery GOOD MORNING, the one who seems to be always making eye contact when you stop for coffee. I'm convinced that when you pray as the Apostle Paul said to the Romans, be specific in your prayers, we pray but we leave all the work for God.

Relationships have several components and need you to match your qualities with those that God has prescribed in the Word for a good life together. During our wait there are ways to improve ourselves in the eyes of God, to make ourselves more attractive to potential mates. Singles that I have talked with recently have the same complaint "there are no GOOD women or men out there " where are "ya'all been looking"? Don't you know that God has a large job taking care of serious life and death problems and he expects you, the faithful to do some things for yourself?. God is not CHUCK WOOLERY and he doesn't run "The Love Connection" . I think finding a life companion, oh ye of little faith, is low on God's priority list and he helps those who help themselves. Stop leaving all the work for God to do.

A few years ago, I met a young man who wasn't a physical prize, he was tall, skinny (we called him string bean) big protruding eyes, and premature balding. If I remember right, he was missing a front tooth, had ears like Dumbo but a heart of gold and truly devoted to Christ. His name is Melvin and he was a member of my brotherhood group at church. Melvin 's winning personality instantly ingratiated him to our congregation. We often had rousing discussions after our meetings with our pastor. Melvin told our pastor and myself in confidence about his loneliness having just relocated from a small town in Mississippi to the big city. Melvin being 30 something wanted a special woman in his life. On advice from our spiritual leader, Melvin started to pray intensely for this special person. He prayed for someone who was strong of body and soul, a God fearing and serving woman, hard working, educated, honest, and loyal. A woman who would take care of his home and bare and teach his children right from wrong and how to be good in the eyes of God and others. These are traits to be admired and Melvin prayed and waited patiently on God.

After many weeks Melvin became a little disenchanted and frustrated with what he thought was no progress from God. In time, to our church came a young woman, not a beautiful woman, she was plain, no make-up, or fancy nails, short hair that she wore with no particular style. She didn't wear fancy clothes or drive an expensive automobile, she was quiet and reserved. She attended church regularly without fanfare.

Well, as time passed she joined the same Bible study group as Melvin and eventually they became acquainted. They would speak and that lead to longer conversations and soon they were having dinner after services on Sundays. Needless to say in church they became the hot topic of gossip. Well the devil wasn't happy because these two were and as in most churches rumors began to circulate about Melvin and Bessie. The gossip caused conflict and Melvin backed away and of course Bessie became unhappy and depressed. She couldn't figure out Melvin's cold demeanor.

During our Friday night brotherhood meeting I ask innocently "Melvin how are things going?" he stammered and stuttered until he couldn't hold it in any more. He explained to us of his guilt and unhappiness, "you see, I did everything right", he said, "I prayed intensely and sincerely and told God of my needs for this special woman in my life but nothing has happen yet". We all looked at Melvin in amazement "but Melvin, pastor said, "it's common knowledge that you and Bessie are seeing each other!" "Oh that", said Melvin, "she's nice and kind, a very good and sweet woman, she's caring no bad habits, love's God, and knows her Bible and fun to be with". "So what's the problem?" I asked curiously. Then Melvin stunned us all "she's not as pretty as I like; I want a woman who is beautiful".

At that point pastor asked Melvin, "Exactly what did you ask God for?" "Well pastor, I asked God to send me a woman who is honest, loyal, loving, some one to keep my home and bare my children". After thinking about Melvin's prayers, pastor offered the definitive answer. "Melvin my son, it seems to me that God in his wisdom has sent you all you wanted in Bessie. When you prayed did you ask God to send you a pretty woman?" With a puzzled look on his face Melvin left our company.

Waiting on God to send you that perfect someone will never work unless you do some of the foot-work. Not unlike an employer who interviews 100's of prospective employees to find the right person for the job and then let a higher authority (supervisor) make the final selection by being specific in your supplications asking God for exactly what you want. Prayer is part of the foot-work, this waiting game that most Christians play is just an excuse not to submit or commit totally to God. God makes the final decision, YOU have to do the interview process and reference checks.

I was told recently, "that special person is closer than most think." We've all asked God for blessings in one form or another but in our rush to relationships we could be looking over our blessings because it's not in the package we expect or want. Remember GOD DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES, PEOPLE DO. By the way, Melvin and Bessie now live in a small rural California town, have been married 15 years and have five children. He realized that God answered all his prayers exactly as he prayed. Take a look around, your blessing could be the next person that extends a hand of fellowship…..Maybe that angel is closer than you think.

Got to Find Me an Angel by Gregory L. Towns

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