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Toris Okotie was born in 1985 into a busy African community known as the city of Warri, raised in an economically viable mobile family of ten. The poet had his pre-high school education in not less than 3 African schools and his high school education in more than 4 schools including Francis Lewis High School in NY. Inspired by the diverse experiences from socializing with people of different educational, social and cultural background; and reading several poetry books especially Shakespearean writings, the author took delight in poetic writing: To inscribe such experiences in an indelible manner and style and to share such experiences with others.

He received the "2002 Famous Poet of The Year" title by the famouspoet Society. His works have been published in many anthologies by, The American Poet Society, Famous Poet Society, Poetry America, The Poetry Institute of Africa, Nobles and many other local and international publishers including numerous online publishers and newsgroups. He has also won awards from, Famous Poet Society and other poetry organizations.

You can contact Mr. Okotie via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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