Africa Speaks

by Toris Okotie

Hear my voice
A song of joy and sorrow
And sing with me
In bringing back my lost children

For years ago
We reign as kings and queens
In a land
Blessed by the hands of god

When tourist came
We welcome them,
With fist and festivals.
And our daughters
Their wives to be

Our wines we open
For in it we got intoxicated
"Drink and enjoy yourself"
This was our logo.

They were strangers
From the west to the east
They sailed their ship

Our warriors tall and proud
Never blink an eye at night
But stood fearlessly
To protect our mother's land

In one morning,
Agony walked in the street
Our warriors tied to the ship
Ready to be sailed
Mothers in search of children
But with no avail

Voices, screaming names
Echoing in confusion
But not too long
There was a silence


So it was understood
Our warriors were gone
Wives as slaves
Taking away from us
In a blink of a day

"Poor mother Africa
You who ones shine
To end of the world
In just a day
Your people demises"

They were strangers
But as friends, we welcome them
And know they are masters
In 3/5th they counted us

Years has gone by
Since the day they came
And now in freedom
We once again walk


All you children of Africa
Hear the call of her drum
Feel to the redeem of her beat
And let the blood flows through you

Let us once again
Build a kingdom
In a land blessed by gods
The land of Africa

I speak not as a person
But as a continent


Africa speaks.

Africa Speaks by Toris Okotie

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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