Thomas Walker, Jr.

Thomas Walker, Jr is a 58 year old male who states that he "is excited about life -- not only mine but the lives of all who are of African descent. " He continues, "I was born and raised in Ft Lauderdale, Florida during a time when we as a community were progressing or maybe regressing from segregation to integration. Upon graduating from high school I entered Morehouse College and it was there that I missed a golden opportunity to embrace the first stage of healing from the Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. I rejected the opportunity to reconnect with my African History. It was there at Morehouse College that I was being exposed to the truth about who I am and who we are as a people."

He states, "I have been suffering from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome all my life and you have as well. We have been lied to and we have been conditioned brutally to believe those lies for 400 years. These lies have been oppressively applied to our descendants that we are inferior, unworthy, and worthless. But our oppressors have also succumbed to lies over the centuries that they are superior, worthy, and priceless. It is now time to heal. But before we begin to heal we must realize that we are sick. Both the victim and the perpetrator. Healing begins with the truth the truth...for the truth shall set us free."

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